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Marina Services

High Dry Boat Storage
Wet Slip Boat Storage
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North Launch Area
Our north basin launch area is now complete.  This new area brings addional floating dock space, launch space, wash racks, and all new landscaping.  Boating will be even more enjoyable taking off from this new area.

High Dry Boat Storage
We have now completed our third High Dry facility.  Every boat in our marina is stored in a fully enclosed building.  Our new facilities offer fire sprinkler protected space for over 200 boats.  Wash racks are available for washing your boat and flushing the engine with hoses and ladders provided by Indian Springs Marina.  Every boat owner has the opportunity to wash their boat after returning from their day of boating.  The floating staging area enhances the boating experience by providing plenty of launch space and preparation area.  The fuel dock is located on the floating dock closest to the Intercoastal Waterway.  All boats stored at Indian Springs are launched with new Taylor forklifts which assures safety in moving the largest boats.

Exterior of North Building and wash racks
 Interior of Building 2

Wash Racks
Launch area with floating docks - NORTH END

Launch area with floating docks - SOUTH END


Wet Slip Boat Storage

Covered wet slips are as logical for protecting your vessel as a garage is for your vehicle.  Accessability to
your boat is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Haul Yard

Our Marine Travellift allows for movement of the largest vessels (up to 60,000 lbs. and 48').  Bottom painting, running gear repair, and hull work are performed by our professional staff.

Fuel Dock

Our Dock-N-Pay fuel system allows customers the convenience of swiping a credit card, pumping the fuel, and getting on with their day of boating.  There is no waiting for marina personnel to come out to the dock.

The pump is equipped with two hoses to allow for even quicker service.  We currently sell 89 octane fuel.
The system accepts Mastercard, Visa, and private pay cards issued by Indian Springs to existing customers.

Please note: The fuel system runs only during the marina's hours of operation.  It is turned off at night.

Security Gate

The security gate is open when the marina is open and requires an access pass at all other times. 
For those of you who may remember...the same entranceway - 

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